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Raphaël fornarina

Bibliography jean-claude-Pichaud Holly breastfeeding in art

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Maxime Richaud

Self-taught artist born in 1924 in Aubignan , Maxime RICHAUD has built its reputation in Carpentras in the 1960s. Encouraged by a cenacle of admirers, he exhibited in 1959 in Marseille , and then in Cannesin 1964. Paris discovered in 1969 at the Gallery David and integrates it into the middle of the great alongside PRIKING and BUFFET. Maxime RICHAUD died in Nîmes on 15 January 1994, at the age of sixty-nine.

Friends of Maxime RICHAUD

-CARPENTRAS 2007 - edited by the association a catalogue presenting 74 paintings and sketches of the painter, with a preface by Michel VIDAL and Georges NAYRAL.
The catalogue is available at the bookstore Salesses, 110, street of the Republic 84200 CARPENTRAS; in the offices of tourism of Carpentras and Aubignan in the Town Hall of Aubignan. Possibility to order by mail. Write to us:

Raya Sorkine


Raya Sorkine 1936-2022

 Avec le père Kim
Pélerinage aux quatre transfigurations
Par Jean-Claude Pichaud

 Editions Du Colombier 

Imprimé en France sur les presses  de MG imprimerie en juin 2017

Jean-Claude Partridge , lawyer, passionate about life and work of Julien Green , to highlighted in this book the greatest passion of this giant of literature of the 20th century, namely, music, passion without which he could write as he confesses often and in particular in the interior mirror; 19 volumes of his diary from 1919 to 30 June 1998 supplemented by memories of happy days and thousand open paths, nearly 7000 pages, Jean Claude Partridge gathered here and presented in an original way, and this for the first time, all of the Confessions Musicales de Julien Green, nearly 800 extracts, with one hand, the General writer's reflections on the music and, on the other hand, his emotions listening to musicians dear to the heart of this French-speaking American, born in 6 septembre1900 Paris and died in the same city on 13 August 1998. Cover: Detail of a stained glass window of Jong Kim (2008) Julien de Brioude. Photo: Joel damask. Model: Pierre Huguet

The faithful friends

It is privately and therefore non-trade I decided to print this tribute to Julien Green and on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of his disappearance. the refusal of the beneficiary, i.e. the adoptive son of the writer, to accept the publication, us was communicated, eve of publication by the Publisher owner rights to the Journal of Julien Green; officially advanced explanation would hold to the promise made by him to the person entitled not accept the Division of the six thousand five hundred pages of the Journal, written between 1919 and 1998.

At all the reasons immediately given to Jean-Eric Green to expose that the work done was not a "cutting" but a presentation original and sharpened by Julien Green thought about music and musicians, thought strung wire nineteen volumes of the Journal, to note that all editions of the Journal were long exhausted and that this fact, light on the greatest passion of the writer, "the music", appeared as welcome to the indication that this tribute was in the year of the tenth anniversary of his death, finally, precision that Kim in Joong, artist, Dominican, father having nine years accompanied by the writer on the spiritual plane, friendly participated in this testimony of affection by writing, in preface, the touching "letter to Julien," all these arguments and others dictated by the heart and reason, only silence was at the rendezvous. admirers of Julien green disapprove such an attitude The musical Julien green Confessins

  Kim en joong

This book cover is decorated with the detail of a stained glass window in 2008 directed by KIM EN JOONG Julien de Brioude Church the largest Romanesque church of Auvergne; the choice of the dominant blue is here explained by one of the remarks of Julien Green who loved, at dusk, to plunge into the universe of sounds: for him, it was his "blue hour".

Born in 1940 in Korea, Kim En Joong is oriented very young to fine-arts and this despite the family reluctance; the war, the exile, the reversals of fortune or deprivation do change this track; He studied in Seoul with a constant: A great attraction for the imaginary world of abstraction; Furthermore, meetings lead him, little by little, became interested in Christianity: twenty-seven years he asks the baptism.

His desire to visit Europe and Paris specifically Center of artistic activity of the moment, leads him first to Freiburg, and then in France where he arrived in 1969; in parallel to his artistic vocation, he undertook theological studies, became priest, and entered the order of the Dominicans where, after some reluctance, he is allowed to continue his pictorial research.

Little by little, galleries interested in his paintings; He then exhibited in many countries; approached for a stained glass project, this first achievement gives him the opportunity to perform a most important work with the stained glass windows of the Evry Cathedral, designed by the architect Mario Botta; Since, in this area, his designs are numerous.

Very many exhibitions punctuate his career both in France and abroad; remarkable works have been published on his work that attracts the attention of eminent specialists, as Dominique Prat, former Director of the Fondation Maeght.

The 140 m 2 of the stained glass windows of Brioude, the largest European portal on the subject, conducted in collaboration with the workshops of the Loire at Chartres.

In recent years, Kim En Joong, is interested in ceramics.

In order to give an overview of this 300 page book bringing together all of the eight hundred notes of Julien Green on music, it seemed interesting to mention here the main lines of analysis by its author.

Avocat, passionné d'histoire de l'art,  Jean-Claude Pichaud   s'est, depuis 1989, attaché à l'oeuvre du père Kim ;                                dans cet ouvrage, l'auteur a voulu présenter à un large public le parcours artistique  De Kim En Joong,   aventure unique marquée par la rencontre imprévue avec le Christ, événement irradiant la création du peintre et donnant à ses compositions                 un souffle venu d'un monde invisible et radieux.                                     

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Shahda 1929-1991

Riche de 160 reproductions, un livre indispensable rédigé par son épouse Anita permet de mieux appréhender cet artiste habité par son art et son oeuvre saisissante .               Maison de la Presse 110 rue de la République, 84200 CARPENTRAS 

Ibrahim Shahda 

  <<Rencontres>>  édité par  l'O.D.I.C.E. Carpentras   

Arthure 1952 - juillet 2018

Arthure Artiste peintre 

 L'imposture de l'art contemporain: Une utopie financière Broché – 13 novembre 2015de Aude de Kerros  (Auteur)

Peintres autour du Ventoux

Jean-Paul Chabaud PAINTERS around the VENTOUX after fifteen years of research, Jean-Paul Chabaud presents this directory not lust of many artists who have lived or stayed around the Ventoux during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The well-documented biographical, accompanied by a portrait of the artist and the reproduction of a work as possible, are; for live painters, the result of several meetings. &lt; &lt; The artist speaks of him with authenticity, evoking his research, his doubts, his art. Behind these words emerge the man and the work, which impose us a necessity: that of a meeting with the painter. We are invited to go further than the single reading! &gt; &gt; (extract from the preface by madame Hélène Delorme ) is indeed meets the painters and an emotion that invites us this book, meeting with:

Ambrogiani (Pierre and Pascal), Appian, Auran, Barbantan, Bal, Beaumont, Bernus, Biaggi, Bidauld; White, Blanchard, white-Monmayeur, bonnet, Bouchet; Cabin, Cardaire, Carolina, Causse, Chabaud, Champeville, Charrol, Chauvet, Chemay, Christianen, Colonieu, Comte, Constin, Courtault, Delpuech, Jeannie, Descotes-Genon, Devillario, Dragic, Dumont, Duplan, Durand, Durbesson, Durieux, Eysseric, Fischer, Fredrikson, From, son-in-law, Grosajt, the Group of painters of the comtat, Guiffrey, Guigou, Guintrandy, Helse, of Isnards, Jean, Jariwala, Juren, DOE Kletzin ski, Laplanche, Laurens, Lelièvre, Leon, LOH, Liabastres, Marcellin, Martel, Masson, Sharecropper, Millon, Morel, Mus , Pécoul, Petit Montmartre, Picard L. B., Quivillic, Reybaud, Reynier, Richaud, Roffler, Edlef ter Haar Romeny, Rousseau, Roux, Saint Blaise, Seynes, paintings, Shahda, Raya Sorkine, Leyla, and many others...

Jean-Paul Chabaud discovered its appeal for art and biographies through an array of Pierre de Champeville. Comtadin adoption, Member of the Académie de vaucluse, he raises his gaze around the Ventoux where others have come to capture the colors. Of his career to the national police, maybe a - you it kept the taste of investigations: he wonders about what arouses a vocation, on the sociological context, it searches the archives. But if he leads the game of maintenance, it is to render with what each encountered painters entrusted him with his research and his life...

Les Artiste en france sous l'occupation

Les artistes en France sous l'Occupation
Van Dongen, Picasso, Utrillo, Maillol, Vlaminck… + bandeau Un officier allemand raconte
Werner Lange
Werner Lange a écrit ces « mémoires » avant de se pendre. C'était un officier allemand francophile et cultivé. Les êtres qu'il évoque sont des monuments de l'histoire de l'art dont les chefs-d'oeuvre ornent les collections des plus grands musées. Mais ce sont aussi des hommes et des femmes qui collaborent avec
l'occupant pour continuer à peindre, à exposer, à mieux manger tout simplement.
Le caractère captivant de ces pages réside dans l'anecdotique, le quotidien, le « banal » de la vie de nos génies des arts sous l'occupation.Werner Lange              
----éditions du ROCHER 

Philippe Lequien 5 avril 1952  - 5 Mai 2015

   Extrait du livre   Peintres Autour Du Ventoux


Imp.Batailler  Carpentras 1989.

Jean-Claude Pestour

Printing Maury S.A..S Millau

L'escalier de Khéops

Jean Perrenoud  - Editeur PERSEE  7Novembre 218

Technical work essential to the happiness of the painter

The technique of painting with oil, Xavier DE LANGLAIS, 1959 and ult, Flammarion. A fundamental reference, not to say a true bible that has the advantage of being concise and inexpensive. The contribution of this book in pictorial art is neither more nor less essential. Xavier de Langlais, through his book, continues to train artists and always represents an action, a friendly and healthy presence for professional painters.
An appendix is devoted to paintings acrylic and vinyl.

Le grand livre de la gravure de Ann d'Arcy Hughes, Hebe Vermon-morris

Editeur : Pyramyd 2010

Manuel complet de la gravue  de Bill Fick - Beth Grabowski

Editeur Eyrolles  2 - 2017

Les techniques de la Gravure

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Alexander Lowen

Dr. Alexander & Leslie Lowen

L’analyse bioénergétique dispose d’un ensemble de techniques de travail corporel dont des postures et des exercices permettant d'approfondir la respiration, de relâcher les tensions musculaires et d’améliorer la circulation énergétique. Le but de ces techniques est de permettre au client de s’abandonner aux mouvements involontaires, à la « vie du corps », ainsi qu’à l’expression des émotions qui accompagnent ce processus. Ultimement, le thérapeute aide le client à enraciner son expérience de manière à la « contenir » plutôt qu’à être débordé par celle-ci. Cette façon d’aborder le travail thérapeutique a pour but de permettre au client de prendre possession de son expérience. L’analyse bioénergétique dispose d’un ensemble de techniques de travail corporel dont des postures et des exercices permettant d'approfondir la respiration, de relâcher les tensions musculaires et d’améliorer la circulation énergétique. Le but de ces techniques est de permettre au client de s’abandonner aux mouvements involontaires, à la « vie du corps », ainsi qu’à l’expression des émotions qui accompagnent ce processus. Ultimement, le thérapeute aide le client à enraciner son expérience de manière à la « contenir » plutôt qu’à être débordé par celle-ci. Cette façon d’aborder le travail thérapeutique a pour but de permettre au client de prendre possession de son expérience.

  The language of the body

The physical dynamics of the personality structure – Alexander Lowen - Ed.Saint - Yvs, 1977

Gagner à en Mourir

Une Civilisation narcissique  Editeur :Homme & groupes

Émile Zola

The work of emile Zola

Émile Zola, french writer (Paris, 2 April 1840 – 29 September 1902) the work is a novel by Émile Zola published in 1886, the fourteenth volume of the series Les Rougon-Macquart. The book takes us into the world of art and artists, through the portrait of a painter cursed, Claude Lantier, whose character evokes that of Paul Cézanne, great friend of Zola, who quarrel with the writer after the publication of the novel. Novel about the inner conflict of many creative artist asking questions about the nature of creating artistic and often finalized by self-destruction

Herman Hesse narcissus and Goldmund

Narcissus and Goldmund is a novel by Hermann Hesse, published in 1930. It is a work of reconciliation. The two characters, narcissus and Goldmund, follow each their own way, through one and the other a certain number of events and discoveries. Their respective views on the world thus outlined over time, their paths diverge at the outset to then find themselves. Reconciliation proposed by the novelist is not two friends to the very different philosophies and even opposed, they have all their lives stopped thinking to another with emotion. But in something great, dialectic, each one reconciles his conception of the world with its opposite for the serenity of a measured judgment. Hermann Hesse reconciles in his own way, without however to reverse it, a strict dualism between spirit and matter, or even still between the sciences and the arts. Beautiful book

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