Private collections

I was born at Bonnieres-sur-Seine at 6km from Giverny. When I was 6, I went to Andelys, where Nicolas Poussin belonged. I remember  the Van Gogh copies in the classroom.  I started to draw and paint at those early years, and taught myself to it.
As a teenager, I left to Africa. I did not know what I was looking for. To eat and live, I painted and exposed my Art in Abijan and it is only in 1974 that I moved back to France and settled down in Carpentras, small town in Provence, located at the bottom of "the Giant of the South", the Mont Ventoux. There I met a small group of painters that regularly meet at the "Petit Montmartre", a bar where every artist can exhibit its art. There and through some hard times of my life, I discovered true friendships. Those helped me during the next seven years when I was torn away by a self destructing feeling. Painting saved my life and became my therapy.
Throughout the years, my Art has shown a constant evolution. Even if sometimes I have been compared  to one artist or another , this never stopped me to carry on further and become the independent sovereign of my work.
Painting is to me a way to exorcised the hard times of my life.
I hope my Art will evoke in you some emotions as those are to me more important than the words.